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PLEASE ANSWERA farmer is trying to determine the number of plantain plants in a farm that covers 24 acres. He marks off three acre plots at randomly selected locations in the farm. The first plot contains 291 plants, the second plot contains 327 plants, and the third plot contains 286 plants.Part A: Using this data, determine which of the following quantities represent an estimate of the number of plantain plants in the entire farm.A 151B 301C 3,616D 7,232Part B: Suppose that a plantain plant bears a single bunch on a single stem. An average bunch will have 8 hands of 15 plantains. The farmer determines that around 85% of the total acreage is ready to harvest and sell. If the value at farm level is around $140.00 per thousand of fruits units for plantain, determine the total value at farm level for this farmer after harvesting and selling all the plantains in his farm.The total value is ____________.

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