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David bought a cape and mask for each of the 9 boys at his party. The capes cost $5.25 each and the masks cost $4.35 each. How much money did David spend? Student's solution: Make a table. Number of Boys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total Cost $9.60 $19.20 $28.80 $38.40 $48.00 $57.60 $67.20 $76.80 $86.40 David spent a total of $86.40. Solve this problem using a similar strategy. Clover the Clown charges $49.50 for a private party event and $55.25 for a community event. He did 4 private party events and 3 community events each week for 5 weeks. How much money did Clover the Clown earn altogether

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