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Darrel earned $2965 in gross pay over the last 2 weeks. How much income tax will be withheld from his paycheck this pay period? Use the table to answer the question. $ 2014 weekly tax table with all amounts in dollars and cents unless noted - first column If your taxable income is (first column Over, second column But not over), second column And your filing status is single (third column Base tax plus fourth column Rate times fifth column Amount over). First row Over 87, But not over 436, Base tax blank, Rate 10 percent, Amount over 87. Second row Over 436, But not over 1,506, Base tax 34.90, Rate 15 percent, Amount over 436. Third row Over 1,506, But not over 3,523, Base tax 195.40, Rate 25 percent, Amount over 1,506. Fourth row Over 3,523, But not over 7,254, Base tax 699.65, Rate 28 percent, Amount over 3,523.

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