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Giving out 30 pionts PLEASE I NEED HELP RIGHT AWAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! choose the term that best completes each sentence 1.the higher the temperature of something, the greater its _______________ 2. the change in state from gas to liquid is called_______________ 3. energy that comes from bonds within matter is called_________________ 4. the change in state from liquid to gas is called_____________ 5. gas bubbles forming throughout the liquid is called_______________ 6. liquid changing to gas only at the surface is called_________________ 7. the change in state from solid to liquid is called____________ 8. the change in state from liquid to solid is called____________ 9. the___________states that during any change, the amount of energy stays the same 10. another term for a chemical change is a_____________ 11. in____________, particles pass directly from solid to gaswords:chemical energythermal energyevaporation melting freezing boiling law of conservation vaporization condensation sublimationchemical reaction

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