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1. With the exception of Israel, agriculture in the region remains undeveloped. (Points : 1) True False Question 2. 2. Saudi Arabia possesses nearly one-fourth of the world's total oil reserves. (Points : 1) True False Question 3. 3. The camel is the symbol of human survival in the desert. (Points : 1) True False Question 4. 4. Which of the following countries has a well-developed agricultural system? (Points : 3) Israel Saudi Arabia Iran Yemen Question 5. 5. Why does it matter that there is a large gap between production and consumption of agriculture? (Points : 3) Foreign suppliers might stop supplying agricultural products to the Middle East. The agricultural imbalance threatens the stability and prosperity of the region. Certain populations don't receive the agricultural products that are imported. It really doesn't matter because the Middle East can always buy what it needs because they have so much money from oil. Which of the following countries produces the most barrels of oil per day? (Points : 3) The United States Kuwait Iran Iraq Question 8. 8. Which country in the Middle East has the most crude oil? (Points : 3) Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia Kuwait Question 9. 9. Why is the camel such an important animal in the Middle East? (Points : 3) The camel can carry a large amount of people and goods. The camel has an incredible ability to adapt to harsh conditions. The camel is easily trained and very obedient. The camel is extremely loyal to its owners. Question 10. 10. Why is the camel a better source of food than a cow in the Middle East? (Points : 3) A cow is severely affected by the heat and lack of water. A camel produces a higher quality of milk. Cows in the Middle East do not provide milk. There are no cows in the Middle East. Question 11. 11. Which body of water separates India from Thailand and Malaysia? (Points : 3) The Pacific Ocean The Indian Ocean The Bay of Bengal The Arabian Sea Question 12. 12. Which of the following bodies of water is found off the coast of Mumbai? (Points : 3) The Bay of Bengal The Arabian Sea The Laccadive Sea The Red Sea

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