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1. Which does not describe the ocean bottom? dark cold quiet lifeless 2. Which area would have the highest salinity? an area with plenty of runoff an area with high rates of precipitation an area with high rates of evaporation 3. At a hydro thermal vent, _____. seawater seeps into the ocean floor through cracks in the crust seawater seeps out of the ocean floor through cracks in the crust bacteria and other organisms die due to lack of nutrients 4. What are the three main zones of the open ocean? pycnocline zone, transition zone, cold-water zone surface mixed zone, pycnocline zone, deep zone surface mixed zone, transition zone, deep zone 5. All the complex feeding relationships among a number of different organisms make up the _____. ecosystem food web food chain 6. Which ocean zone does sunlight penetrate? photic zone neritic zone abyssal zone aphotic zone Description

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