Explain this common observation clearly : If you look out of the window of a fast moving train, the nearby tress, houses etc. seem to move rapidly in a direction opposite to the train's motion, but the distant objects (hill yops, the Moon, the starts etc.) seem to be stationary. (In fact, since you are aware that you are moving, these distant objects seem to move with you).

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The line joining a given object to our eye is known as the line of sight. When a train moves rapidly, the line of sight of a passenger sitting in the train for nearby trees changes its direction rapidly. As a result, the nearby trees and other objects appera to run in a direction opposite to the train's motion. however, the line of sight of distant and large size objects e.g., hill tops, the Moon, the stars etc., almost remains unchanged (or changes by an extremely small angle). As a result, the distant object seems to be stationary.

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