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Grade 12




Principles Of Inheritance And Variation


Human Health And Disease

Molecular Basis Of Inheritance

Animal Kingdom


Human Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Biological Classification

Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production

Environmental Issues


Organisms And Populations

Biotechnology : Principles And Processes

Morphology Of Flowering Plants

Structural Organisation In Animals

Plant Kingdom

Biodiversity And Conservation

Microbes In Human Welfare

Reproduction In Organisms

Plant Growth And Development

Digestion And Absorption

Cell:the Unit Of Life

The Living World

Transport In Plants

Reproductive Health

Biotechnology And Its Applications

Neural Control And Coordination

Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


Chemical Coordination And Integration

Anatomy Of Flowering Plants

Respiration In Plants

Body Fluids And Circulation

Excretory Products And Their Elimination

Locomotion And Movement

Mineral Nutrition

Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Breathing And Exchange Of Gases

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