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Grade 11




Rigid Body Dynamics

Rectilinear Motion

Work, Energy, And Power

Properties Of Solids And Fluids

Simple Harmonic Motion

Newtons Law Of Motion

Thermal Expansion And Calorimetry

Dimension And Measurement

Travelling Waves


Fluid Mechanics


Centre Of Mass


Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Projectile Motion

Newton's Law Of Motion

Sound Waves

Circular Motion

Geometrical Optics


Physical World

Surface Tension

Relative Motion

Basic Mathematics


Moving Charges And Magnetism

Current Electricity

Magnetism And Matter

Semiconductor Electronic : Material, Devices And Simple Circuits


Work, Energy, And Power

Communication Systems

Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter

Electromagnetic Induction

Nuclear Physics

Question Bank

Work, Energy & Power

Atomic Physics

Wave Optics

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